The First Blockchain Conference Exclusively for the Bio/Pharma Industry

Today, DisruptiveRx™ and MAD Event Management announced the first blockchain conference series exclusively for the bio/pharmaceutical industry. The first in the series will take place on November 16, 2016 in Edison, NJ –

“Blockchain applications will disrupt pharma’s approach to data management making it more secure, accessible, and utile for competitive advantage.”

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Applications of blockchain technology have been stealing news headlines for more than a year with the expectation of redefining how businesses operate similarly to what the internet did more than 30 years ago. The pharmaceutical industry is ripe to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain applications to redesign its data strategy so that it can be better protected, leveraged and managed for optimal operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

DisruptiveRx Pharma Blockchain Bootcamp
Blockchain offers pharma the potential of leveraging data for competitive advantage – efficiently and securely.

Although pharmaceutical organizations have many assets in their repertoire, none may be as least leveraged as its data. Blockchain technologies not only offer a decentralized approach to securing, managing and utilizing data but also enables unprecedented access to owned data and that of trusted partners within a secure transfer gateway.

The Pharmaceutical Blockchain Bootcamp is a critical entry point for bio/pharmaceutical and life science executives, who are in the business of securing, managing and leveraging data from R&D to clinical to commercialization. They will get introduced to the explosive potential of this technology, the strategic business and regulatory considerations to support its implementation, and where in the enterprise it could have immediate impact. The speakers will be experts with a unique mix of knowledge of pharmaceutical operations and blockchain technologies and where it will make the most significant contribution to the data strategy.

Due to the interactive nature of the educational sessions, seating is limited to only 75 professionals. For full details on registration and who should attend, visit

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