About DisruptiveRx

The 2016 DisruptiveRx Summit will provide a platform for strategic open dialogue on forward-looking technologies and ideas that will compel the executive directors of manufacturing and supply chain of bio/pharmaceutical companies to “disrupt” their current processes and “rethink” their strategies.

This blog will introduce different view points from experts and innovators who will participate at the conference. The topics we will cover in this blog are aligned with those that will be addressed during the Summit:

  • Advancements in Manufacturing
    • Integrated/Continuous Manufacturing, Continuous BioProcessing
    • Single-Use Manufacturing
    • 3-D Printing of Pills
  • Innovations in Supply Chain Security and Management
    • Track and Trace
    • Serialization
    • Mobile Applications
    • Introduction of Blockchain Technology

Throughout the next five months leading up to and during the 2016 DisruptiveRx Summit, industry professionals will get a new understanding of why “disruption” may be the best prescription for a more efficient, agile, and secure manufacturing and supply chain process.